The advantages of Tennis Scorer display

Player benefits

No more forgetting or disagreements: players display the score when they change sides (2 seconds every 2 games).

Players free up their memory and can focus their mind on the ball in play.

Displaying the score in broad daylight strengthens the motivation and involvement of players in the match.

Spectator benefits

The tables instantly answer the spectators' 3 questions: The names of the players or clubs, the respective rankings and the score of the current game: their pleasure is increased.

The score display allows spectators to immediately place themselves at the heart of the action, the ball in play takes on its full meaning.

Thanks to the score display, visitors quickly become spectators and then supporters during matches. It is well known that they have the power to stimulate players and often lead them to surpass themselves.

Club benefits

For all clubs, reputation comes from the quality of their equipment: this product is, obviously, an additional asset for them.

High-end technical production, unalterable and always in perfect condition whatever the weather, score display boards adorn and enhance tennis courts.

First choice advertising medium, the financing of a scoreboard can (must) be immediate, by one of your partners. Better ! Net cash flow is possible after one or two years of use!

The advertising space that they allow can, possibly, serve as a support for the inscription of the court number (by sticker for example).

Finally, the score display constitutes an ideal educational tool for learning to count games and sets, intended for children.

Referee benefits

Simply reading the tables saves valuable time during tournaments for scheduling matches. In many clubs, in the same location, we monitor the scores of several courts.

Sponsor benefits

Thanks to the Tennis Scorer tables, display your name or logo permanently on the tennis courts in your neighborhood or town: You thus participate usefully in their sporting and associative life and you give a civic image to your company.

Prime location, the players certainly but also the spectators certainly, memorize your mark because their attention is necessarily fixed on the score display to follow the progress of the game.

The ratio: Cost of Displaying an Advertisement / Its Display Lifespan is incomparable: In fact, the latter is unlimited.

The advantages of use

Simple to install and simple to use, they can remain outside indefinitely without maintenance or damage.

Reading numbers up to 50 meters.

Automatic framing of numbers.

Their compact and protected design guarantees their silence and total immobility: Even in high winds, the players cannot be bothered at all: (However, they must be securely attached to the fence, with the basic kit provided).

Only restriction of use.....Do not choose it as a target!

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