YES, and advertising stickers are FREE! To do this, simply send by e-mail the file of the Club logo or that of the Sponsor if the tables are financed, (or both), to: contact@tennis-scorer.com. Visuals may be offered to you so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

Normally, 1 to 2 days for adhesives, and 2 to 3 days for delivery of the scoreboard.

It is the players themselves, who, with each change of side, with two taps of their fingers, update the score. Quite simply, it takes 2 seconds!

Discs numbered from 0 to 7 are incorporated into the tables: Simply rotate the discs with your finger from one side of the window to the other to display the desired number. The framing is thus almost “automatic”.

Each scoreboard comes with:
• plastic ties (“serflex”) for fixing the board to the court fence.
• a slate plate + 2 hanging screws (for the large model) or a set of slate plates + 4 hanging screws (for the compact and cliptec models)
• an advertising sticker in the colors of the Club or that of the financing Sponsor. (unless the Club does not wish it)

NO, these 2 words are printed on each board so that the board is always ready to operate during a team meeting. It is only during an individual tournament, for example, that the Club can display the slate plates by hanging them on the screws provided for this purpose, so that the names and rankings of the 2 players are displayed on the board.

The fact of having 2 slate plates (for the large model, or 2 sets of slate plates for the compact model), per table, allows, during individual tournaments, to prepare in advance the names and rankings of the players in the next game, to give them the pre-inscribed plate with their balls when the previous match is over, and thus to have, permanently, on each court, the name and ranking of the players, and of course, the score.
At the end of the game, the players return their balls and their plate to the Club… and so on.

A wipe with a sponge and/or dry cloth, from time to time, is enough to keep them spotless!

For the Large Model: 118 x 24 cms.
For the Compact Model: 78 x 17 cms.
For the Cliptec Model: 60 x 17 cms
For RECTO/VERSO boards, there is an adhesive on the FRONT side and an adhesive on the REVERSE side

Yes, they are made for that, thanks to their rot-proof material, they can remain without damage and without restriction whatever the weather, hung on the court fence, all year round. The only restriction on use is… targeting them!

All clubs have “official” private or public partners. These can be highlighted all year round on their Club’s courts by financing the scoreboards and occupying the advertising space provided on each board using an adhesive. This can also be a merchant linked to the Club (Restaurant for post-match meals, Café-bar for post-match drinks, Baker or Butcher for snacks, etc.) who will certainly appreciate participating in local sporting life logically having a possible return on investment.

For 3 simple reasons:

1. The first is that they are unique on the Court: There may indeed be several advertising signs around the court, but there is only one scoreboard per court!

2. The second is that when we watch a tennis game, we look at the scoreboard many times during the game: we therefore very easily memorize the financing partner of the table!

3. The lifespan of each board is very long (each is guaranteed at least 3 years). In some clubs they have been present for more than 10 years! The amount invested / lifespan ratio is therefore very advantageous for the sponsor partner.

Up to 50 meters the score is perfectly readable, that is to say from all points around the court where the spectators can be placed: The size of the numbers (approximately 12cms high and especially 1.5cms thick) has been designed for this.

Tennis Scorer has a standard contract and makes it available to all its customers (on request) so that they can formalize with their financing partner, the provision of the table with its advertising space dedicated to the colors and logos of the sponsor.

Need information?

Do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone

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