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TENNIS SCORER has existed since 2002, but the manual tables were developed in the early 1990s and marketed by their creator in 1994.

Some of the tables sold at that time are still in use on the courts in our region!

Since its creation, Tennis Scorer has equipped nearly 3,000 Clubs and 16,000 tennis and padel courts, in Europe and the USA.

Designed by a tennis enthusiast who was also the manager of a small club, the scoreboards have responded, since their origin, to a real need for basic information on tennis courts:

  • Who’s playing?
  • What are the player rankings?
  • and above all….WHAT IS THE SCORE?

Aware of the financial problems of tennis clubs, the scoreboards were also designed, with an advertising space. As a result, they can be financed by one of the Club’s partners, who will see their logo permanently displayed advantageously on the courts. A prime advertising vector, players and spectators place their eyes on the scoreboard multiple times and memorize the Partner’s name all the more easily!

Finally, for obvious practical reasons, they are made of PVC, a rot-proof material so that they can remain on the courts all year round, in all weathers, which allows the club and its managers not to Don’t worry: they are always ready to use, and do not require any special management, it is the players themselves who activate them at each change of sides during their match!

Used during a tournament, they allow (they are the only ones to offer this) to display during each game, the name and ranking of the 2 players, thanks to the slate plates which are positioned on the board, and on which, at the chalk or better with a chalk marker (accessory available as an option), you can write the desired information on it. A set of plates is delivered as standard with each table, the ideal being to have 2 per table (accessory orderable as an option), so as to be able to perform a rotation: the players go off to play their match with their balls and their pads and bring everything back at the end. Some clubs are used to this simple and light organization and thus promote all the players in the tournament.

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